Alberto Gonzalez Olmos - ESR 1, University of Glasgow

I like dismantling my toys since I can remember. Mechanical toys are fun, but those that use electrons to function… that’s magic. I enjoyed so much trying to figure out what all these pieces glued together are doing that I keep doing it almost every time I see an attractive item thrown out in the street. I like learning how things work, from the formation of stones to toys to humans to societies to galaxies… youtube is helping me a lot with this.

About humans, I have enjoyed my summer times going camping with the Scouts in the very warm south of Spain, specifically in the region of Murcia, where I came to exist. There is a special social atmosphere that characterizes these kinds of youth associations that has motivated me to find opportunities to work with people in different situations. I think because of that I have ended up volunteering to work helping people with disabilities, organising artistic activities with children from deprived schools, teaching Spanish to people in social exclusion situations... These experiences have taught me important details about how society is fabricated.

As far as research is concerned I have worked designing electronics to control artificial muscles, applying machine learning to segment intravascular ultrasound images and I have analysed fMRI data to measure activity in brain-stem nuclei. Now, I am very happy to be working in a project where I will be in frequent exchange of ideas with people, and playing with electronics again  :) I am interested in the development of devices that bridge differences between neurodiverse people, so we can all better understand each other and work together. I am doing my PhD studies in Human-Computer Interaction, at the university of Glasgow, in a very nice research environment with wonderful and intelligent people.

My publications:

Gonzalez Olmos, A.,  Brewster, S. (2018), Augmenting the Perception of Other’s Anxiety with Subliminal Interfaces,  Short paper presented at the 3rd Symposium on Computing and Mental Health, CHI’18, Montreal, Canada  Link to symposium website here

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