Bettina Moltrecht - ESR 7,   Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

From an early age on life has offered me the most amazing opportunities to go on adventures, challenge myself, explore new places and make friends in countries all over the world.  This has sparked my never-ending motivation to expose myself to the unknown and to be curious about all the things that I do not know yet.

I love to share my positive energy with others and be part of a team. If there is too much energy left at the end of the day I love doing a million different things. To name a few: I love any type of sports (e.g. running, tennis, swimming, squash –you name it), practicing or teaching yoga, creating and making things (e.g. fun grandma activities like knitting).

With a clinical psychology background I am aiming to use my experience to develop a mobile app that increases young people’s mental health and helps them to become more resilient.  In doing so I am supported by my wonderful colleagues and supervisors from the Anna Freud National Centre.

Our Network Partners

  • University College Dublin

  • Denmark Technical University

  • Technical University Vienna

  • Medical University Vienna

  • Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

  • University of Glasgow

  • Region H Psychiatry

  • Telefonica Alpha