Franziska Tachtler - ESR 5, Technical University Vienna

After graduating from high school, I worked as a European volunteer in an organization supporting young adults to overcome and preventing crises caused for instance by unemployment, family issues or mental illness. Through this work, I have learned how much mental illness can affect your whole life. In addition, the reports by a friend of mine who is leading homes for unaccompanied migrant youth in Sweden, provided me with insights how challenging it is for the staff to deal and to prevent mental issues of the migrant youth. Besides, living abroad and having a lot of international friends has showed me how easy it is to fall out of the system and how challenging it is to become an integrated part of the society. Thus, I believe that improving and complementing ways to enhance resilience of unaccompanied migrant youths with the help of technology is an important research topic.

I obtain a Master of Science in Interaction Design at Malmö University, Sweden. As an Interaction Designer, it is important for me to design for the users’ situation. When I worked as a visiting lecturer in Interface Design at LMU Munich, Germany, I tried to share this attitude and make the students aware of their responsibility as designers and developers of future technologies.

From my academic and practical experience, I believe the exchange of knowledge and the discussion of varying opinions is an essential part of producing new and beneficial insights. Thus, I am glad to be part of the HCI research group in the Institute of Design and Assessment of Technology at TU Wien and of the international TEAM research group.

My passions are art and technology. This is not only demonstrated by my Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art with a Minor in Media Technology, but also by my free time activities: I love to paint, develop interactive art installation and visit art exhibitions. To restore my body and mind after a long and restless day, I am practicing yoga and go running. My friends appreciate my positive attitude for life and that I am a good listener. I hope that I can contribute these characteristics to the TEAM research group.

My publications:

Tachtler, F. (2017), Designing for Resilience with Unaccompanied Migrant Youth from the Arab World. In DIS’17 Workshop on Design4Arabs Workshop.  Link to workshop event here

Tachtler, F. (2018), Designing for Resilience with Unaccompanied Migrant Youth, Poster session presented at the 3rd Symposium on Computing and Mental Health, CHI’18, Montreal, Canada.  Link to conference website here

Tachtler, F. (2019) How can technology support mentors in promoting mental wellbeing of unaccompanied migrant youth?, Poster presented at the 4th Symposium on Computing and Mental Health, CHI’19, Glasgow, Scotland. Link to conference website here

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