Hidde van der Meulen - ESR 11,  University College Dublin

I remember the childhood dream of becoming a game tester and making a living out of my main hobby. As I grew older I realized that it wasn't a very realistic goal (my parents agreed) and my interest in playing games also started to fade when I reached high school age. My Bachelors degree in Media Technology gave me the opportunity to specialize in game development but I decided to go for the web development branch and worked towards the field of Human-

Computer Interaction during my Artificial Intelligence Masters program. I have worked with eye-trackers, the Microsoft HoloLens and driving simulators and enjoyed being a researcher.

After finishing my masters some friends approached me to ask if I wanted to join a hackathon to develop a game. Since my web development skills would come in handy and I thought it was an exciting project, I joined. I learned that besides research I also really enjoyed game development. Almost exactly at that moment I found the open job position at the Team ITN of which I am now a proud member. I will develop and assess adaptable games for adolescents' mental health. It was only later that I realized my childhood dream actually became true.

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