Mohammed Khwaja - ESR 3, Telefonica Innovacion Alpha

I was born in Chennai and raised in Bangalore, cities in the biggest democracy and one of the largest cultural hubs in the world, India. My parents taught me to be open minded, humble, sensitive to the needs of others, and encouraged me to explore the world. Together, these aspects motivated me to explore many cities and towns in South East Asia, East Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Traveling the world enabled me to meet people from a myriad of cultures and backgrounds, and cultivated my interest in technology, healthcare and business. While it may seem that these areas are too diverse and my interests convoluted, I have been determined from a young age to streamline them into my work and research, and create impactful innovations that help the society.

I currently work as a Research Scientist at Alpha, Telefónica's moonshot company; while undertaking my PhD at Imperial College London, UK. This unique collaboration promises to enhance my knowledge in all three areas mentioned above, and I am eager to create personalised mobile technologies that improve persuasive solutions for mental wellbeing. My research interests include machine learning and signal processing for biomedical applications, and medical technology entrepreneurship.

I received a Master of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College and was awarded the Imperial College India Foundation Scholarship. While pursuing my Master’s, I co-founded a start-up to produce a non-invasive device for monitoring prenatal complications of expecting mothers. Previously, I completed my undergraduate studies from Vellore Institute of Technology, India. During this time, I contributed to research projects in Hong Kong, Singapore and India, under the broad umbrellas of medical devices, speech recognition and embedded systems.

Through the European Union’s unique program that presents me with an opportunity to take up an industrial PhD and TEAM’s unwavering support, I am confident that I will fulfil my ambitions and engineer solutions that I will be proud of. 

My publications:

Khwaja, M., Vaid, S.S., Zannone, S., Harari, G.M., Aldo Faisal, A., Matic A. (2019), Modeling Personality vs. Modeling Personalidad: In-the-wild Mobile Data Analysis in Five Countries Suggests Cultural Impact on Personality Models. Presented at UbiCom 2019, London.  Proceeding of the ACM Interactive Mobile Wearable and Ubiquitous Technolologies. Vol 3, Iss 3, Article 88  DOI: 10.1145/3351246

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