Pegah Hafiz - ESR 12,  Technical University of Denmark

I was born and raised in Shiraz, cultural capital of Iran and studied both Computer Engineering and Medical Informatics in high-standard universities of my city. From high school, I was interested to work on medical systems to assist anyone involved in the healthcare. After four years experience in professional programming as well as hardware simulations, I decided to study Medical Informatics to gain knowledge in this interdisciplinary field, which is full of awesome and challenging "real-world" applications.

I really enjoy observing and reading about bipolar patients to improve the treatment process. Formerly, I designed and implemented a clinical decision support system to diagnose success of In Vitro Fertilization in infertile couples. And now, I’m very excited to design a mobile application for bipolar patients using my experience of working in clinical environment which I acquired during my Master’s degree.

I will do my best to be a dedicated researcher with TEAM designing integrated monitoring and treatment platform for CBT for young people, most importantly, to help patients and to create a better health-care system.

My publications:

Hafiz, P., Miskowiak, K.,  Kessing, L., Bardram, J. (2018), Design and Implementation of a Web-based Application to Assess Cognitive Impairment in Affective Disorder, Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Digital Health

Hafiz, P. (2019), Social Paper, presented at the 4th Symposium on Computing and Mental Health, CHI’19, Glasgow, Scotland.   Link to symposium website here

Hafiz P, Miskowiak KW, Kessing LV, Elleby Jespersen A, Obenhausen K, Gulyas L, Żukowska K, Bardram JE. (2019), The Internet-Based Cognitive Assessment Tool: System Design and Feasibility Study, JMIR Form Res 2019;3(3):e13898 DOI: 10.2196/13898  PMID: 31350840

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