TEAM workpackages

The TEAM research program is built around four research objectives, each addressing a key challenges in improving mental health services. 

We aim to deliver new technologies that support early and large-scale assessment, prevention and treatment of mental health difficulties in young people. TEAM will also deliver innovative new policy directions and guidelines for technology-enabled youth mental health (YMH).

Research Objective 1: Assess

Development of automated, technology-enabled assessment tools for improved early diagnosis and intelligent on-going assessment of mental health difficulties in young people. (WP1: Assess)

Research Objective 2: Prevent

Design of technology-enabled programs that help to prevent mental health difficulties by empowering young people and helping to build resilience and care for their own mental health, thus reducing the incidence of mental health difficulties. (WP2: Prevent)

Research Objective 3: Treat

Development of technology-enabled tools that support improved access to effective, engaging and evidence-based treatments that are adaptable and involve a wider range of care providers (WP3: Treat)

Research Objective 4: Policy

Investigation of key policy areas in relation to the delivery of technology-enabled mental health, including shared decision-making, open data and legal and ethical frameworks (WP4: Policy).

Our Network Partners

  • University College Dublin

  • Denmark Technical University

  • Technical University Vienna

  • Medical University Vienna

  • Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

  • University of Glasgow

  • Region H Psychiatry

  • Telefonica Alpha